Order wait times

I am a single person making all the dolls you see here. As such I am unable to fulfill orders as fast as a larger team or company. When ordering please pay attention to if the order is listed as Made to Order or Ready to Ship

If you're worried because of the wait times and are unsure of my validity, please feel free to check out my Etsy shop for reviews. I've been selling online since 2012 and as of now have sold over 1700 dolls on Etsy while maintaining a 5* rating. [Etsy]

But please do buy from here! Etsy's fees keep rising and buying from here ensures more money goes to an independent artist instead of a corporation. Thank you so much!


Made to Order dolls have a wait time of roughly 3-4 weeks.

Ready to ship can be expected to be out within a week

Can I mix Ready to Ship and Made to Order dolls?

If you order both of these dolls together, the dolls will ship based on the Made to Order time frame together. If you want to order both but want the Ready to Ship doll ASAP, please make two seperate orders.